Types of Scooters-[Explained] Why Different Name With Same Terms

There are many different terms used for the types of scooters, it can become a little bit confusing while selecting the right one if you do not have a clear image in mind. Scooters are available in different styles, price ranges, mileage and quality, for kids and adults. So the answer depends on:

Why you need a Scooter?
  • Do you need a scooter for easy commuting from one place to another?
  • You want to avoid traffic jams and get easily from sides or using footpaths to your place?
  • You want to do tricks and flips in skate parks or streets?
  • Different Scooter types are used for different purposes so we will elaborate all the details in this article to clear out your confusion.

    Types of Scooters

    For a thoroughly reading you can go to this link to read out more about scooters or continue with us we tell you in brief detail.

    Electric Scooters

    These scooters run from the battery and generally used for commuting purposes. While riding a scooter, you do not need to push it because it has a built-in rechargeable battery. The standard battery charging time is 3 to 4 hours, and it can give you a ride from 40 to 120 minutes, depending on the battery’s power.

    The average speed of electric scooters is 20 to 30 mph. The electric scooter comes in different variants like foldable, with seat, battery power, and speed. 

    If we go into further details; A 250-watt Electric scooter having 7.8ah battery usually takes 2 to 3 hours to charge fully, and after complete charging, you can cover 10 miles distance. Compared to this, a 3200-watt Havey scooter with an average speed of 110km/h can cover 150 to 190km distance. But this scooter is not recommended for beginners because it is not safe for having that much speed. 

    Stunt Scooters (Bmx scooter, Trick Scooters, Pro Scooters)

    Stunt scooter, as the name suggests, is used for tricks and stunts. These Scooters usually have durable deck and handlebars, so it will not break doing extensive flips and stunts. They are built with quality material; that’s why they are highly-priced as compared to kick scooters.

    The deck is narrower, and the handlebars are shorter in stunt scooters, which allow the rider to perform extreme tricks. These scooters are usually not foldable, and handlebars are not adjustable, making them much more robust than kick scooters.

    The scooter you see in skate parks, and streets, where kids are jumping and doing flips, are stunt scooters.

    Kick Scooter(Push Scooter, Normal Scooter, Traditional Scooter)

    Kick Scooters, Push Scooters, regular scooters, or traditional scooters have different names but have the same meaning. These scooters are not powered by a battery, but it uses feets push or kicks to move forward. These Scooters are also used for kids playing or commuting purposes for adults. 

    Typically these scooters have two wheels, but for smaller children, kick scooters may have three are four wheels. They have a wide deck and bigger wheels as compared to pro scooters. These scooters are not as sturdier as stunt scooters, so they can not be used for tricks and stunts.

     Flickr scooter (Scissor scooters)

    The flicker scooter is a three-wheel scooter specially made for kids to increase their enjoyment. The riding style is a little different; firstly, you start the scooter by kicking the foot on the ground a few times.

    But after getting momentum, you can put both feet on the footplate and then start twisting left to right from your lower body. After a little bit of practice, you can ride it faster and make it more propelling.

    Foldable Scooters

    Some of the scooters are easy to carry, and you can adjust it in your car or trunk and take it anywhere with you, these scooters are called foldable scooters. Most kick scooters come with foldable options because these scooters are used for normal day to day rides. 

    Likewise, some Electric scooters have the built-in folding capability to fit in your car to ride on your favorite place. The high-end stunts or pro scooters are not foldable because they are built for handling a lot of pressure and jolts during stunts. 

    Dirt Scooters

    Dirt scooters are also called off-road scooters because they are specially built for riding on muddy paths, terrain, and hills. The scooters have more substantial build quality than other scooters so they can withstand a lot of vibrating and shaking during rides.

    Some of these high-end scooters are used for stunts and twists in BMX trails and dirt tracks. These scooters can add a lot of fun in a kid’s life as these scooters run on any surface and do not need a proper track.

    Space Scooters

    What makes a space scooter different from others is it has a paddling mechanism that takes you away from the old school, where you kick by foot to move your scooter. In space scooter, you place your feet on deck one on front and one on back, and ride the scooter by shifting weight from one foot to another. It is effortless to ride as compared to a kick scooter due to its paddling mechanism.

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