Best Stunt Scooter Wheels 2021| 100 110 120mm -Buying Guide

You landed here searching for the best stunt scooter wheels. This list will allow you to choose the best in terms of price, durability, size, and material used.
Whether you have bought a new scooter and want to replace its wheels or have an old one and, looking for new tires, always get a product which is worth your money. Because wheels are the most ground in this process, pay a few extra bucks to last longer.

A lot of people look for a sturdy deck and fork but do not pay much attention to wheels but If you are a rider you will see a small difference in wheel size can make a massive difference in performance, like a 100 mm can not compete with 110mm scooter wheels in terms of speed.

Our Top Picks Are

Best Overall

AOWISH Light Up Wheel

Budget Friendly

Fuzion Hollow Core Wheels

Although selecting wheels is not that much of a difficult task, but if you want to enjoy ultimate riding pleasure, there can be many micro details that need to be considered before buying. No warriors we have made this list by considering tiny pieces to ease out your selection.

1. Team Dogz 100mm 110mm WheelsCool Scooter Wheels

Team Dogz is a brand that manufactures high-end scooters and their parts. They make both alloy core and nylon wheels and have even plenty of choices regarding color, size, and designs.

Like if you want to have various options available in front of you simply go to their website and find the best one.
The best thing for which we have listed this on top of the list is pre-equipped with Abec-11 bearings.

The Abec-11 bearings are the most smooth and precise bearing, but it is also a disadvantage that it may get loose during rigid and rough use.

Most importantly, it uses alloy core material with a hollow center, making it more lightweight by adding minimum weight to the scooter. They also provide two size options to choose from 100mm or 110mm wheels whichever fits your scooter. Even the standard Polyurethane PU 88A rubber rims are used in scooters.
After seeing all the details, I suggest if you are looking for a classic pair of wheels, you should go for this one. But if you are low on budget and not looking for pro-quality wheels, you can choose any other from the below-mentioned list.

2. Kutrick Scooter Wheels PairBest Scooter Wheels For Streets

Kutrick is a brand manufacturing scooter parts and accessories. The above wheels in our list come in a single piece, but the good thing with Kutrick is their wheels come in a pair of two.
These wheels are best suited for kids who are just trying to learn scooter stunts as these have 100mm size, which is mostly used in kids’ scooters.
But one important feature they have included is ABEC-9 bearings which are used in top-rated stunt scooters. I have also researched, and reviewed stunt scooters for kids, and mostly ABEC-5 or ABEC-7 bearings are used.

Also, durable standard 88A high rebound urethane material is used to keep it safe from shocks and hit during stunts and tricks. The good thing is they have included two sparkling colors Black/Neo and White/Neo, which adds new flair in kids’ scooters.
Overall these are good stunt scooter wheels for kids. The scooter wheels have unique colors, giving a nice look to a scooter mostly preferred by small kids.

3. Tile Mall 110mm Alloy Series WheelGood Scooter Wheels

As the name suggests, Tile Mall makes tiles and hardboard material, but they have also made the right scooter wheels. A downside is they have only one wheel size 110mm as it is a standard size for most stunt scooters.

Even the scooter is built with CNC Alloy lightweight aluminum material, so it only has 222 grams of weight so both wheels will only add 444 grams of weight to the scooter.

The standard outer casing is built with high elastic 88a Urethane PU which makes it long-lasting.
It also comes with pre-installed ABEC-9 bearings as all high-quality scooters mostly have the same bearings.
The wheels are lightweight built with maintaining international quality standards. Having alloy core material, these can last for a longer period. Even the company says these wheels are tested to the last minimum for a year.

4. Fuzion Pro Scooter Wheels Best Scooter Wheel For Tricks

If you know a little bit about stunt scooters you must have heard about Fuzion. Fuzion is a brand well known for building quality scooters and their parts.

These particular wheels use hollow core material which makes them lightweight as well as maintaining their strength.

You probably know for doing tricks and stunts hollow core wheels are preferred because for extreme tricks riders need low scooter weight as well sturdy wheels at the same time.

Also, standard ABEC-9 bearings are used which helps in an effortless and stable riding experience. A minor downside is PU 87A uterine material is used which is a little less than some of the scooters on our list. 

Another thing which I like is these are available in three unique colors black, silver black, and leo spencer. 


After analyzing all its features we have come to the conclusion that these wheels are cheap as compared to other brands. Also, these wheels come in pair of two so if you are looking for complete wheel replacement this can be your ultimate choice. 

5. ROOT INDUSTRIES AIR WheelsBest Scooter Wheels Replacement

Root Industries is an Australian based company manufacturing high-quality complete scooters and parts. I have previously researched the best stunt scooters and also included root scooters in the list because of their stylish, durable, and perfect design.  

But let’s go into details, the wheels are available in both 110mm and 120mm size which helps you to choose according to your choice.

As some scooters have a fork that allows you to attach any wheel depending upon your needs. 

If you are thinking of extreme hits and drifts the wheels will work like a charm. They will bear hit and shock and will not crack easily because of aircraft aluminum alloy cores. Also, 88A urethane material is used, that’s why your wheels are not going to tear off easily.

Like most high-end scooters it also has ABEC- 9 installed which helps in smooth and seamless riding in skate parks or streets. All these features are great, but the main feature which I like the most is tremendous color choices. These wheels are available in seven sparkling Colors which no other brand provides. 


After mentioning all its features, would I recommend this? Yes, I definitely recommend it because they have 90 days money-back guarantee so if you don’t like it or there is any problem you can always reach out to them and exchange or return it. 

6. GRAVITI One Pair 100mm Wheels– Cheap Scooter Wheels

The Graviti wheel is another fantastic choice for intermediate riders looking to excel at their riding level. It is also quite affordable when looking at its sheer value and features compared to other wheels on the list. I bought it for my younger brother, who has Fuzion X-3 Pro, and the wheels needed replacement.

Now he is drifting and hitting hard on streets, and these wheels are working like a charm.
Getting into nitty-gritty details, these wheels have 100mm diameter with 24mm width especially recommended for kids aged 5 to 12.

One highlighting feature is its price like a few above mentioned single wheels have more worth than it. You can get these two for the price of one.

Overall, the wheel is lightweight, having a CNC alloy core, and strong high-rebound 88A material is used. That’s why these wheels are going to last for a long time.
They didn’t add ABEC-3 or five bearings at a low price; instead, the standard ABEC-9 bearings are used in these wheels. One feature that boosts its worth is nine bright color choices, which can be one reason to choose these tires for your scooters.

After adding all the details, I can no doubtedly say these wheels are the best in terms of price and features. But one part where it lacks is the wheel’s size because these are only available in 100mm size. If your scooter has a bigger size, you have to look for other choices on the list.

7. AOWISH 120mm Light-up Scooter WheelsBest Pro Scooter Wheels

An interesting feature that is added in Aowish is a led flashlight which makes it unique to other wheels. It is a perfect gift for your kids which will add a new flair to their scooters. Also, the wheel size is 120mm which makes it faster as compared to 100 and 110mm wheels. 

Furthermore, these are made with polyurethane material which is water and weather resistant and can bear shocks and hits quite effectively.

The features I like the most are the flashing batteries which don’t need charging or replacement. As it contains magnetic steel which laminates as wheels roll. 

For instance, it is built with smooth polyurethane material which will not leave a mark on the floor if your kids use the scooter indoors. Also, like it’s competitor ABEC-9 material is used for stable and noise free riding. 

As it is only available in 120mm size so it adds a limitation that only those scooters which support that size are able to use it. Also, it is available in three shiny colors red, blue, and black with flashing lights in all three. 


By seeing all the details I think it’s the best scooter for age, 3 to 12 kids, who are looking for shiny wheel colors. For the riders who mostly use their scooters on plain roads or flat surfaces. Because these bigger wheels are not best suited for extreme tricks and stunts.

8. Bigfoot L.E.D. Scooter WheelsBest Stunt Scooter Wheels For Kids

Bigfoot is a brand, manufacturing the cheapest wheels in the market. These wheels are the cheapest among all in our list with good quality features. Let me tell you some of its features:

It also has a built-in flashlight, which doesn’t need batteries because it uses centrifugal force.

Also, the brand recommends that these lights will shine over 10000 hours. The light does not only increase scooter looks, but it also adds a safety element for kids at night.

Most importantly, when we buy anything, it should be value for money. I don’t honestly know if you can find any wheel cheaper than this one.

Having a lower price, they did manage to add ABEC-9 bearings, which is standardly used in top-rated stunt scooters. The wheel size is 100mm, which only fits in these supported scooters, so check your scooter fork size before buying any wheels. 

These are available in three color choices red, black and blue, with flashlights.


All in all, if you are looking for a wheel replacement for your smaller kids by spending less money, these pairs are of wheels are recommended. 

9. Z-FIRST 2Pcs 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels Hollow Core Scooter Wheels

The Z-FIRST comes in 5 prominent color choices which can be a good choice for beginners as well as experts. Moreover, its beautiful design with hollow-core shape makes these stand out in a crowd.

The wheels are available in standard 110mm size which is best suited for high-end professional stunt scooters.

Most preferably the pro riders use 110mm size wheels because the 100mm become smaller so they don’t accelerate much. While 120mm gets bigger which are not best suited for harsh tricks.

Also, these wheels are designed to endure intense socks and hits during tricks and flips in skate parks. For instance, these are made with 88A SHR polyurethane material which can last for a long period of time. Also, ABEC-9 is used for better precision with internal buckle aluminum material.


After considering all the details I have no ambiguity mentioning that these wheels are better suited for riders who perform harsh stunts and flips. Also, these wheels come in a pair so if you are looking for complete wheel replacement you can go for these. 

10. FREEDARE Scooter WheelsBest Scooter Wheels

So far, all the 100mm wheels which are mentioned in the list don’t have pro qualities like FreeDare have. That’s why those wheels are cheaper as compared to this one.

For instance, All other wheels have used PU 88 or below rebounding, but this one uses one level higher 89 PU, which is rarely used in wheels.
These wheels also come with ABEC-7 bearings with a little less precision than 9 but are more reliable than ABEC-9. Most wheels use ABEC-9 bearings that may not bear a lot of shocks and jolts than ABEC-7, which are more robust than 9.

There are some other aspects as well, and it is built with polyurethane material and alloy core, which gives a better grip on streets and terrain. It’s incredibly easy to install even a child can do it by himself. The wheels also come with a long 6 months warranty if there is any crack or damage, these can be easily returned.
In total, these wheels are specially built to last for a longer period of time. So if your little one is banging the scooter for the whole day, these wheels could be a better choice for him.

Things which are needed in wheels

People do not pay much attention before buying wheels, but for safe and sound riding, wheels should be of high quality. Like you can not drive a bike or car with a punctured tire. The same is the case with scooters wheels, and if these are cracked or scratched, then your ride will be bumpy and rugged.

 That’s why before buying a scooter or wheels, always go for a good quality even if you have to spend a few extra bucks. But the problem is most people don’t know what to check in wheels. Each one seems the same. So let us tell you the essential things you need to know before buying wheels.  

Wheel Size

Scooters are available in different wheel sizes like 100, 110, 120 and 125mm. So how do we choose wheels? It depends on the customers which type of wheels he is looking for? So let’s make your selection easy, 

  • The 100mm wheels are smaller in size and slower in speed as compared to other ones. But these are easy to manage while doing tricks and stunts. Basically, these wheels are best for kids and strater who are starting their riding journey.
  • The 110mm wheels are most widely used in stunts scooters as these are better in speed and also best for extreme tricks and stunts. Most pro riders who perform intensive and demanding tricks used 110mm wheels. 
  • Furthermore, these next 120 and 125mm size wheels are mostly not used in stunt scooters. These wheels are faster in speed but not suitable for hard hits and shocks. That’s why these are generally used in a kick and electric scooters for day to day riding purposes.

Material Used

There are basically two types of wheels used in stunt scooters in terms of material.

  • Plastic Core

Plastic cores are very rarely used in stunt scooters as the material can not handle a lot of pressure and jolts. These are essentially used in starter or entry level scooters. That’s why these wheels are more cheaper than other scooters but the downside is these are not going to last long. 

  • Metal Core

Metal cores wheels are widely used in stunt scooters because they can bear a lot of shocks and hits. These Metal core wheels are most stronger and smoother that’s why these are being used in high end trick scooters. These wheels are priced higher than plastic core but can last longer than the above mentioned. 

Scooter Wheel Hardness

The wheel’s hardness level is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The greater the number the better will be its hardness. Its hardness is measured with a durometer. 

  • From 70a to 78a, these wheels provide more grip and are softer but slower. These are normally used in stunt scooters. 
  • The wheels between 79a to 82a are harder than the previous one and used in entry-level scooters. 
  • The numbers from 83a to 89a are harder wheels. These wheels roll faster and best for tricks and gliding. Normally pro scooters use these last category wheels. 


Bearings are also one of the most crucial selecting point in wheels. A quality wheel with metal core material but having pathetic bearings is of no use. Getting into details, it’s ratings are shown in ABEC grades from 1 to 9.

The greater the number, the better will be its precision. But it’s not necessarily right that the better the rating, the better will be its quality because of many other factors like the type of material used, lubricant, noise reduction, etc. You can check this guide if you want to know more about it. 


It does not seem one of the most deciding factors, but by far, I know for some people it is. Especially for smaller kids, it’s one of the top reasons to smile as most kids go for shiny and bright colors. That’s why we have added two wheels with a flashlight in them, a gift to your little one.

Easy to Install

Before adding these wheels to our list, we ensured that these are easy to install in a scooter as most people do not have all the tools available at home all the time. All of these are ready to go by just tightening two bolts only. 



It depends on your choice of use. If you are buying it for smaller kids between 4 to 8 years, you must choose 100mm wheels because they are easy to handle or slower in speed, making it safer for little ones. But if you are well versed in riding and do extreme level tricks and stunts, then go for 110mm wheels, which are standard size for stunt scooters. 

 Furthermore, If you don’t do hard tricks or flips on your scooter but only ride on that, then you can go for 120mm wheels size because they will be faster and will cover a distance in less time.  

What is the best stunt scooter wheel size?

The 110mm wheels are the standard size used for stunt scooters. So it is recommended to go for 110mm wheels if you are going to grind the scooter in skateparks and ramps. Most top brands already have these size wheels in their scooters. 

Can you put 110mm wheels on a 100mm scooter?

The answer is no, overall the 110mm wheels can not be fitted instead of 100 also vise versa. But sometimes, few of the brands make the fork as such that you can add any wheels from two of them. But it is always recommended to always check the wheel size in your scooter before buying. 

Are Bigger wheels better on a scooter?

Yes, if you are looking for speed and performance, these bigger wheels are better. The more giant rolls faster and cover more distance in a shorter period but are challenging to control. 

On the other hand, smaller wheels are slower in speed but provide better control. Also, for tricks and stunts, smaller wheels are to be considered better.

What are the best Scooter Wheels?

It mostly depends on your requirements, why are you looking for wheels or which type of wheel you want to buy. we have added all premium wheels in our list for stunt scooters. And Z-FIRST is one of the best wheels.

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