Best Electric Scooters for Commuting 2021- Roam Around City

Life is running fast and in this hectic routine you need something comfortable for your daily commute and when you are getting late for school, office or anywhere you want a quick ride you can use best electric scooters for commuting 2021 with fresh air.

If you are looking for the best folding electric scooters for the city commute in the scooter’s market, there are number of options available. Electric scooters not only give you fast ride but also its fun to use it for commuting. When you think you are in hurries and don’t want to stuck in traffic then these electric scooters are the best option.

Best Electric Scooters For Commuting 2021 Reviews

These electric scooters or the E-bikes are helpful for your journey as these are light weighted and portable so you can carry it in your car, bus or in other transport. It consumes less energy; time and especially cost furthermore for the short commutes it proved to be the most excellent alternative.

1.Xiomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 for Adults

The Xiomi Mi Pro is based on its predecessor M365 pro which is the top selling product in the E-Scooters Market. It is the perfect combination of beauty and technicality also the best one for adults. The quality of the E-Scooter can be expressed by its motor and the Xiomi Pro has an amazing 600 W of powerful motor which ensures its reliability.

Xiomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

If you are going for long commute then you need a good battery and this enhanced version of Xiomi MI offers you super battery with long range of 45 km with the wonderful three speed modes so that you can easily adjust the speed according to your need and the surface.

Xiomi Pro Is an Extra upgraded version as it also provides (KERS) Kinetic Energy Recovery System with improved Efficiency. It has the efficiency to use the energy and improve the cruising range in the same way it is efficiently designed with a multifunctional dash board and delicate hand throttle. Most importantly the Xiomi MI has an excellent system of energy recovery which comes in the front wheel of the E-Scooter.

When you are in hurry this scooter will not take your time as this best folding Electric Scooter can easily be folded in 3 seconds, you can carry it in your car and bus with you.

The 8.5 inches of wheel and the powerful lithium battery have the capacity to bear the maximum weight of 100 kg.

Most importantly Xiomi Pro comes with degree visibility which includes LED lights and front and side reflectors, in a nut shell it is the best option for adults because it meets the safety standards of European.

  • It can pull 180 Lbs. of weight
  • Able to run to (12 to 13) mph of speed with no acceleration
  • 600W of powerful motor with KER System
  • Front and Rear breaking system
  • Bigger battery and dashboard as compared to Xiomi M365
  • This improved version has effective folding mechanism


  • Increasing brakes can be dangerous
  • Dashboard is quite expensive

2. Urbetter KIRIN

There are plenty of electric scooters available in the market and the Urbetter is the one of the bests because it provides incredible 500W of powerful motor by which can reach to the speed of 45km/h likewise it provides great mobility. Three speeds level allow you to enjoy your ride ecofriendly. Maximum load capacity of 150 kg defines its quality.

Urbetter KIRIN

If you are riding on terrains and on the bumpy roads then you need shock absorption and the 10-inch off road pneumatic tires allows you to wear-resistant and to have a comfortable ride with this damping system.

You can easily control the speed with front and rear double disc brake system in case of emergency braking and the smart LED display and safety tail light makes your ride safe as it tells you about the power, voltage, time, and mileage on your screen.

You can fold and release it in seconds and it is one of the best electric scooter for commuting can also carry it with you as the seat is detachable and you may also adjust the height according to your need. This is incredibly amazing folding and height adjustable off road Electric scooter.

  • Powerful 500W of motor
  • Foldable and adjustable
  • 10- Inch off-road pneumatic tires which can bear 150 kg of load
  • 4 shock absorber
  • Double disc brake system
  • 43 km/h max speed and 45 km/h max distance
  • Front and tail LED light


  • Manual has no instructions that how to adjust the seat

3. Razor Eco Smart Metro

Razor Eco has soft padded seat and smooth handling 16 inch air filled pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride for daily commute. When you are riding on hilly surface and terrain its twist grip hand break helps you to control the speed.

Razor Eco Smart Metro

It has incredible detachable luggage basket which allows you to keep your groceries, books or handy stuff with you.

The 500 watt of powerful motor has high-torque which can boost up to 29km/h which means 18mph max speed and can reach to a distance range of up to 12 miles in the continuous use of 40 minutes.

The rear-wheel ensures you the safety and stability and its steel frame solid wheel enhances its beauty. You can use the smart Razor eco on rougher terrain. It is economical as it has 36V rechargeable Eco Smart battery which is the best for city commute.

  • Smooth handling and soft padded seat
  • 16 inch pneumatic tires
  • Portable and stylish
  • Cargo carrier facility (detachable basket)
  • Rear-wheel drive shifts provide safety and stability


  • Battery does not last longer
  • Scooter is not protected with the proper packing

4. Razor E300S- Seated Electric Scooter

From the start Razor has always focused on giving the best commuting and riding experiences. Razor uses high quality material in their E-scooters. E300S seated electric scooter has also created with comfortable deck frame, chain-driven electric motor which allows you to go up to 15 mph and comfort padded seat.

Razor E300S

It is recommended for the children under the age of 15 because it can bear the maximum weight of 220 pound. You are supposed to charge the battery before using it because it has 12 hours of initial charging time. This one is specially designed for kids in the age of 12.

Razor provides amazing safety with its 10 inch extra wide pneumatic tires and acceleration control. It can easily be carried as the product weight is 52lbs.

It can be used for a continuous 40 minutes but running time may vary depending on roads surfaces and riding conditions and especially on maintenance likewise the recharging time is almost 12 hours it doesn’t matter if the light turns green. But it can be said that it is best for kids under the age of 15.

  • Detachable seat
  • 90 days warranty
  • Twist grip acceleration control
  • Hand operated break system
  • Retractable kick stand


  • Long charging time require
  • No basket is there as it is recommended for children

5. BEEYEO Electric Scooter

BEEYEO electric scooters are among the best electric scooters for adults. This 350W of powerful motor has the weight of 28 Lbs, which can carry maximum load of 220 lbs. BEEYEO powered scooter can reach to 13.6mph of maximum speed and can cover the distance range of 15.5 miles which can easily overcome on the obstacles which comes during ride.

BEEYEO Electric Scooter

Battery of the machine determines its quality and it has long range detachable battery (180WH) which can cover 12.5 miles with a full charge of 4-6 hours depending on the riding conditions for instance rider’s weight, terrain and road surface.

Your ride would be safe with 8.5 inches non-pneumatic tires with double braking system which includes E-ABS brake and the Disc brake. Front and rear tires provide you good shock absorption so don’t have to worry about the punctures.

For adults who goes to offices and schools this unique quick folding electric scooter is the best option as it requires less energy to run and it can be carried easily. The aluminum alloy frame is quite durable and reliable which can support 265 lbs, of max load.

The Global Safety Certification Organization has certified the BEEYEO X7 E-SCOOTER and if you find any issue, then it also offers the warranty of one year which means your money is also protected.

  • Incredible three modes speed
  • Double charging method
  • Powerful motor with double braking system
  • A smooth cruising system
  • Can bear max load of 265 lbs
  • Quickly foldable and easy to carry


  • On speed mode battery smoetime falls down
  • There is Squeeze hand break

6. XPRIT 10 Pro

XPRIT has started from hover board and which has gained great reputation in the market. No they are expanding by introducing their amazing electric scooter in the E market and XPRIT pro edition is the best for commuting in the city.

 XPRIT 10 Pro

They have enhanced their technology by including LED dash board and 3-gear speed mode. With its powerful 350W brushless motor it can reach to maximum speed of 15.5 mph for up to 24.8 miles and also can climb up to 11 degree but it will depend on the road surface furthermore you can easily fold it within seconds and as it is portable you may carry it anywhere with you.

The 10inch honeycomb solid tire and dual rear suspension provides you ultimate comfort. It has upgraded brake system which includes E-ABS electric brake and rear disc brake system.

XPRIT 10 premium version provides you upgraded multi-function power button and LED panel display which shows you battery level, speed, gear and mileage. This upgraded XPRIT 10 offers three gear mode, one is eco mode another is comfort mode and most importantly sport mode.

  • 10 inch honeycomb tires provides ultimate comfort
  • Max boast speed is 15.5 mph
  • Long range rechargeable battery
  • Multi-function power button
  • Silicon standing platform


  • Silicon standing platform

7. Razor E Prime III

An amazing superior performance 250W motor which has maximum speed of 29 km/h with a distance range of 15 miles. This is truly lightest in weight because it weighs only 24.2lbs. This foldable and portable electric scooter is efficiently designed that you can make it a hand carry whenever need.

Razor E Prime III

Everybody wants smooth ride when there is bumpy road and the 8 inch pneumatic tires provides you smooth ride with shock absorption system. It also has lockable security function and rear braking system which makes it perfect for outdoor life style.

Razor E prime III does not compromise on quality and it has the feature of LED head and tail light for effective visibility. Its 36V lithium ion battery allows you to use it for a long range.

  • 8 inch air filled smooth tires
  • Foldable design, lockable and easy to carry
  • Provides complete safety and stability
  • Rear braking system


  • The battery can be effected by the additional weight
  • Due to weight running time can be reduced

8. Segway Ninebot Max

Segway max is a perfect combination of range, power and speed. If you want a highly quality ride for your daily commute in city then Segway max ninebot electric kick scooter is the best option as it has extra-long range with fastest six hours of charging time.

Segway Ninebot Max

Segway has the powerful revolutionary motor of 350W which can travel up to 40.4 miles with a max speed of 18.6 mph.Ninebot max assures the battery life as well as it has the fastest 3 seconds folding design so that you may carry it in any transport easily.

This smart E-scooter can bear the max load of 220 lbs and the anti-lock braking system ensures the safety likewise rear wheel shock absorber with 10 inch pneumatic tires provides you comfortable ride.

Its superior technology which includes LED display, cruise control, Bluetooth facility and mobile app connectivity enhances its beauty. Segway has taken the initiative to provide built-in charger which offers you to charge fast. Not only has this ninebot kick scooter provided you quality assurance for its different parts.

You can go for the extra miles with max mobility and quality as it has 2.5W LED front controlled head light and automatic rear brake system

  • Easy to assemble and carry
  • Can bear maximum 220lbs weight load
  • Smart battery system
  • 2.5W LED front head light


  • Speed restriction is around 80%
  • Some complains about the air of the tires

9. Hurtle HURES18-M5

Hurtle HURES, Unique and portable design electric scooter has almost all the amazing features which should have. Although there are many foldable electric scooters but this one is more durable as it has 300W brushless powerful motor which provides you a safe and smooth ride.

Hurtle HURES18-M5

You can go far ahead with the 19.2MPH Max speed with 12-18 miles of maximum range which may vary according to the load.

The ABS (Anti-Lock braking system) and hand-activated brakes prevents the accidents. The ultra-bright front and tail Led light is also there which helps in warning the pedestrians and the vehicles also. Cruise control and triple speed modes or the three gears allow you to go through rough terrains and the 8.5 inch pneumatic tires has shock absorption which helps in abrasion-resistant.

When you are going through the hilly area it can easily tackles 15 degree steep hills as well as it can be charge within 4-6 hours and you can easily carry the weight of (264 LBS).Most importantly as it is mentioned by its name, its foldable design offers you to carry it in any transport, beneath the seats or as hand carry which makes it the perfect foldable scooter for commuting.

LED display enhances its beauty which tells about the speed mode, cruise control indicator, and headlight and battery life.

  • Powerful 300W brushless designed motor
  • Foldable fast electric scooter
  • and-activated brakes with E-ABS
  • 8.5 inch pneumatic solid tires
  • Support the weight of 264 LBS


  • No replacement parts are there

10. Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter:

The GXL V2 is best electric scooters for short commuting like for going to offices or parks. The best part is that its size, structure and weight remains same it does not has to suffered the changes. The 8.5 inches air filled and inflatable tires is an ideal size for commuting.

Gotrax GXL V2

When you are going through the bumpy areas these tires works as cruise control system not only this but GOTRAX v2 version has lock mechanism and reinforced frame as well.

GXL V2 250W powerful motor can reach up to 15.5 MPH and can grip up to 220LBS. The quality of an electric scooter depends upon its battery that how long it can travel GXL 36V battery can travel about 9 to 12 miles and can easily be recharged again within 4 hours.

Folding frame system allows you to carry it anywhere when you are going for commute as it is portable and light weighted. When you are in high speed then its dual disc braking and anti-lock system will helps you to work on bouncy roads.

You can easily manage and handle it as it gives you proper digital display about speed, battery and head light.

  • 8.5 inches inflatable tires
  • GXL V2 has the powerful motor
  • Extended long range battery
  • Effective dual braking system


  • Front hook is quite hard
  • Quite slow good for short commute

Things to Consider or Buyer’s Guide

When you are planning for your commute, there are many important things to consider before commuting. Everybody wants a safe and ecofriendly ride which can be given by the best electric scooters. Here we not only covered the best electric scooters for commuting but also we have tried our best to give you ideal sequence about the light weighted top Electric Scooters for commuting.

Before selecting the best electric scooter for commuting to work you can check this comprehensive buyer’s guide and things to make your final selection.

  • Maximum Speed: Usually speed of the best electric scooter is determined by keeping in mind the various factors such as its power, the weight of rider and on the surface of the road. Probably the speed usually depends on your weight if you are bulky then it will be difficult to run fast. An ideal speed of Electric Scooters is 15 MPH likewise in London the ideal speed is 14 Mph for the commuters.
  • Ride performance: An Electric Scooter should provide a smooth ride and the performance of it can be tested that how smooth it runs on hilly and rough roads.
  • Battery: A battery made up of lithium ion (Li-ion) is most common in the E-scooters and the maximum life is 3 to 5 years. When you are selecting an Electric scooter for commuting to work you must consider its life, capacity and power.
  • Size of wheel:  We suggests the rider not to have an Electric Scooter which has not as much of 8 inches of width because the insignificant wheels offers you a tough ride. The electric scooters must have the wheels of more than 8 inches.
  • Quality of tires: If you are commuting in city then its common to have pins and glass on the road so an Electric Scooter should has quality tires and the Air-filled and solid tires provides much better ride as mending a punctures is quite easy in it.
  • Portability and folding option: Sometimes when you are going far away or on bumpy place you can carry the Electric Scooter with you if it is portable, light weighted and easy to carry, likewise it must have the folding option so that it can be carried in the car or other transport.
  • Types of brake: Before selecting an Electric Scooter you are supposed to check its types of brakes it must have an excellent braking control because if you are riding on bumpy surface then you will need more than one brake. Although there are different braking system like disc hydraulic, electronic and regenerative brakes as concerning the safety an Electric scooter should have three brakes.
  • Electric Brakes: It helps,when you need to stop quickly and requires less maintenance.
  • Disc and Drum Brakes: This one is best among all but it can’t be remain in good condition for a longer time as well as it needs proper service.
  • Foot Brakes: It allows the commuters to ride in the mud as well.
  • Maximum load capacity: Different electric scooters carry different weight there are some adult electric scooters which can carry weight load of up to 220 Lbs. In Europe the maximum weight which an electric scooter can bear is 100 kg but it is also true that the higher weight can destroy your warranty and it can be dangerous as well as the high weight of the scooter itself creates problems for the commuter.
  • Light and LED Display: An Electric Scooter must have built in Light and LED Display, which shows the speed, weight and Bluetooth display on the screen. LED display is an enhance feature which helps a lot the rider for commuting in city.
  • Suspension: When you are running on a bumpy surface then the suspension system helps the rider, it’s a system of springs and shock absorber which supports the vehicle to be stayed on its wheels.
  • Reliability and charging: There is tough competition in the E-Scooter market so before buying an Electric Scooter you must know its reliability, durability and most importantly charging power that how long you can use it without getting worry about the battery and how fast it gets charge.
  • Warranty: Commuter must get to know that the company is honoring warranty. It would be best if the E-Scooter offers you warranty so that if you find any issue with your scooter you will have a chance to claim it and the UK spec scooters are the best in it.
  • Budget: All the above factors are important but the worth important thing to consider is that an electric scooter must suits your budget, all the mention things should come in the center of your budget.


Electric scooters are the best and cool way of transport as it is easy to carry and operate. There are dozens of options available in the Electric Scooters market not all are good. After reading the above information you will get to know that which one is best electric scooter for commuting in city.

When you go to office you don’t want to rush into traffic then these incredible portable and folding electric scooters are best choice for city commute to work. After the research we tried our best to provide you the top best electric scooters for commuting.

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