Best Electric Scooter For Climbing Hills 2021-Reviews And Buying Gide

Do you find it difficult to climb hills, doing adventures and enjoy your ride? Now you don’t need to worry as we have found the best electric scooters for climbing hills 2021. Electric scooters are cheap and funny means of transport. If you love to do riding then these electric scooters would be a masterpiece for you.

The high demand of electric scooters in the automobile industry is increasing rapidly. There is no doubt that the auto mobile sector has showcased high-quality products that can take you around the world.

Best Electric Scooters For Climbing Hills

An Electric Scooter has designed with enough power to get you up on the hills, and with the use of these masterpieces, you don’t need to worry about traffic jams as the electric scooters are portable and easy to use. Thus, to help you select the best for your need, we offer you our supreme recommendations.

Best Electric Scooters For Hill Climbing List

Product Power (Watt)Max SpeedBattery
Qiewa Q-Power320055/MPH30AH 
Segway Ninebot ES230015/MPH187Wh
Segway Ninebot MAX35040.4/MPH551Wh
.GUNAI Electric Scooter 320052.8/MPH24Ah
Razor E30025015/MPH24V
Urbetter Electric Scooter 35018.6/MPH7.5Ah 

Finding The Best Electric Scooter For Climbing Hills:

The Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills 2021 should make your ride stress-free and admittedly enjoyable. It is true that hilly terrains, especially the climb, are very tough and even more difficult when the rider is heavy weighted; best electric scooters to climb hills make it easy to climb the steepest of the hills and on the tough roads. 

We all want something durable, reliable, and time saving to start the journey of our destination; An Electric Scooter is more effective ride when you live in a town with bumpy terrains. So, the scooter’s supremacy governs how efficiently it functions and allows you to reach the endpoint. The adequate power and the high strength of the electric scooters will enable you to travel up without the struggle.

It may seem easy to select the best Electric Scooter according to your need, but there is massive competition in the automobile industry. While choosing the best scooter, you have to consider the number of factors.So, it’s not a piece of cake.

After many hours of research and trials, we have revealed the best Electric Scooters for your choice. There is a variety of Electric Scooters in the market, which is enough to intimidate your buying decision. So, all the adventurous and travelers after going through our research, you will be successful in having the best Electric Scooter ride!

1.Qiewa Q-Power

Do you like traveling and climbing in hilly areas? If yes, then we have an excellent travel partner for you. Qiewa is known for offering the best scooters and cycles to the market.

Qiewa Q-Power Electric Off-Road Scooter

Features and details:

Qiewa products are suited to the best technology and features. You will forget about the problems previously faced with your battery because it has 26AH Battery with Max Speed56MPH.

You don’t require to concern about the ground when you are riding this incredible scooter. It’s Double Hydraulic Brake with amazing speed + super torque will make your journey remarkable.

Due to its sturdy tires, the scooter is proved to be the best Electric Scooter for climbing hills 2021 because its traveling range is 55 miles.

The 3200watts (2*1600watts) Motor power defines it to be the powerful electric scooter we carry. There won’t be a hill you can’t conquer.

Its incredible driving speed with 55MPH Scooter Weight and with the option of single/double motor switching will be adequate to cover a long distance with a high speed of 56MPH.

Every feature of the scooter makes it stand out of the crowd and but the cruise control feature is the best among them. It has a device that can be switched on to maintain constant speed.

It has a faster charging interface with double break light, but the different weights and roads will affect the distance and speed. Last but not least, another exciting feature is its power-saving mode 2Second Quick-Folding IP5 Waterproof Anti the warning power-saving mode.

It also offers Customer Service support, which comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts except battery which has 6 months warranty.

  • Power Electric Scooter with 3200 watt motor power
  • Cruise control feature is the best part of this scooter
  • Faster charging interface
  • Quick folding IP5 Waterproof
  • Incredible 55MPh driving speed
  • Double hydraulic brakes increases its features
  • Worthy load capacity


  • The warranty on battery is limited to half year only
  • Some considered it to be too heavy

2.Segway Ninebot ES2– Best Scooter For Hills

This Segway Ninebot ES2 is one of the most prolific in the market today. The design quality is friendly, secure, portable, and easy to use. It’s an overall package. 

Segway Ninebot ES2

 Features and details: 

One of the main qualities offered by these scooters is their powerful motor of 300W, the Segway KickScooter can extent to 15 mph, and the best part is it can lodge a bear load of 220 lbs.

You don’t need to care about battery life because its cool battery management system guarantees battery safety and extends its life.

It is lightweight and foldable as its whole weight is 27.6 (lb.), which means 12.5 (kg). You can quickly dissemble it into parts that enable you to keep it everywhere. It has a cool folding option and has it in your vehicle. It would prove to be a perfect companion in your journey because it is armed with great solid tires , which provide the rider great comfort.

Segway ES2 has Superior Technology; it has exciting features that enhance its beauty LED Presentation, Bluetooth option, and especially cruise control.

It has dual batteries with an upgraded motor, which makes it cover long distances with high speed. Segway scooter is way easy to maintain. This best folding scooter has amazing speed of 19 Mph.

If you find any issue with the scooter, the satisfaction of the customer is the first priority. They provide a one-year or 180-days warranty for different parts.

  • Powerful motor
  • Light weight 27.6 lbh and foldable
  • The Segway Ninebot has almost 19 Mph speed
  • It uses superior technologies
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed


  • The drawback is that only one person can drive

 3.Segway Ninebot MAX

Segway Ninebot MAX is a premium version they launched in the electric scooter market. It would be a golden piece for those who want a long and comfortable ride. Check out the features of this incredible scooter. 

Segway Ninebot Max

Features and details:

This outstanding MAX electric kick scooter is powered by 350W and it can easily reach to 18.6 mph, Segway max is a stronger range version and it can reach up to 40.4 miles with bearing the max load of 220 lbs.

If you want more durable longer ranged scooter, then you are on the right way as this revolutionary upgraded scooter has a more robust management system that assures the extended life and safety of its battery. The battery ensures you and it has the one step folding system that assures you that you may carry it in your car or any public transport.

Ninebot Max is more reliable; it has a mechanical and electrical Anti-Lock braking system, which will ensure the braking safety and comfort. It’s a durable and dependable scooter equipped with self-healing 10-Inch pneumatic tubeless tires that will not let you down on speed bumps or rough places.

It is impressive that the Segway Ninebot Max Electric scooter is empowered with all the latest technologies, for instance LED-Display, Bluetooth capabilities, most particularly Cruise control system, built-in charger, which use only one cord for fast charging & the mobile app connectivity, is also there.

You don’t need to worry about the quality because the Segway MAX is the sturdy and powerful electric scooter that assures you one year or 180 days of guarantee for the different parts.

  • Powerful 350W motor which can reach to 18.6 mph
  • Pneumatic tires with Anti-Lock braking system
  • Portable & easy to carry
  • Built-in led with front lights
  • Pretty modern design gives you quality assurance of 1 year


  • It’s 18.7 Kg, rather heavy itself
  • Doesn’t feature a suspension setup

4.GUNAI Electric Scooter

The powerful 3200W dual drive motor with amazing adjustable handlebars and seat made it a comfortable electric scooter for adults. So, here we expounded the best features of the said Electric Scooter.

GUNAI Electric Scooter

Features and details:

Gunai Electric scooter foradultshas 60V 24AH lithium battery, which can easily be charged within 5 to 6 hours with 2 European standard charging holes. This unbelievable scooter has incredible speed with double tubes that can go up to 85 km/h with the 55 degrees climb angle.

If you want to conquer mountains hills, then the GUNAI ELECTRIC scooters would be the best option as it has 11-inch off-road vacuum tires capable of going through tough tires & exerts the damping effect of shock absorption.

 The (3200w) Electric Scooter has a safe brake system with the CNC Oil brake that assures you to control the speed the bright headlight, and taillight provides safety while riding & its saddle and handlebar are pretty adjustable.

For the gratification of the customer, they provide 24 hours consultation service, & they provide one year Motor and 6 months battery warranty.

  • LEDlight and HD display
  • Chargeable and portable
  • High speed motor 3200w
  • Incredible speed of 85 km/h
  • 11-Inch off road vacuum tires
  • 24 hours consulting service


  • Rushing on downhill is prohibit
  • No warranty if it breaks upon shipping

5.Razor E300- Cheap Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a scooter which works well for teen and adults then you are not going wrong, You will forget the other rides with the Razor E300 Electric Scooter you can stand up for all the adventurous as E300 has a super-sized deck. It would be the most reliable one for the teen and adult riders.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Features and Details:

Razor E300is one of the Razor’s fastest Electric Scooters; it has 250 watts of high torque with an amazing speed up to 15 MPH 24 km/h.

If you love to do adventures, its super-sized deck and frame will make you sure to leave other rides.

You can continuously use it up to 40 minutes because its rechargeable battery system lets you enjoy plenty of distance without worrying about it. 

This modern transportation alternative is effortless and comfortable to ride. The pneumatic tires support the maximum weight of 220 pounds. The powerful and coolest scooter has High torque single-speed, chain-driven motor and the rear-wheel-drive, which increased the transaction and control of this fantastic electric scooter.

  • Speed of 15 mph at hills
  • High torque chain driven motor (250 watts)
  • 40 minutes continuous use
  • Pneumatic tires/h
  • It can bear the weight of 220 pounds


  • 10 to 12 hours charging time

6.Urbetter Electric Scooter

The 350W high-power electric scooter is suitable for adults and teenagers; this light-weighted foldable scooter has impressive features that will make the ride easy and memorable.

Urbetter Folding Electric Scooter

Features and Details:

Its portable design is easy to carry because its weight is 24lbs/11kg, the lightweight will allow you to use it as hand carry, and This scooter will bring you good memories as it can easily get charged in 4 hours.

The lightning function with high brightness LED light and taillights brake warning system will provide you safety, and also there are four new reflectors around the pedals. You can check the speed, time, mileage, power, voltage, etc through the bright LED screen.

350w of motor has a strong driving force, which has the ability to climb up to 15 degrees. The 3 different heights can adjust according to your need. It uses a high capacity battery with 7.5Ah durability & 3-speed modes, and an 8-inch honeycomb explosion-proof tire.

It has a good load capacity of 120 kg, and it can cover 30 km of Max mileage, but usually, it depends on roads. Most importantly, this electric scooter is IP54 waterproof which means that splashing water will not harm your scooter and ride will be incredible.

You don’t need to get distressed if you find any issue with it as there is a one-year warranty, and detailed warranty terms refer to the instructions.

  • Portable and easy to carry
  • LED front and tail-lights
  • Fastest charging time
  • High power motor 350w
  • 30 km long range electric kick scooter
  • Durable battery capacity
  • 120 kg of load capacity
  • 1 year warranty


  • Scooter has no turn signal

7.HIGHKAS Steering Wheel:

HIGHKAS Steering Wheel 48v 35km/h two suspensions Electric Scooter has met clients’ expectations in the market of electric scooters.

HIGHKAS Electric Scooter

Features and details:

It has incredible high powered 48v 500w MOTOR with a climbing hill torque. 

The enhancing LED display and interface enhance its beauty, and also it provides you high luminance LED head and brake light.

Most importantly, it has wide tires ever (100mm wide)lightweight and solid aluminum alloy wheel will give you the best riding experience and it can also bear the maximum load of 100 kg with speed of 35km/h(depending on the road surface). It also has two independent suspension systems to off unparalleled riding comfort. 

It will save your time because the battery can charge in 4-6 hours. You will not find any trouble in maintenance, and it is easy to carry as it has a unique patented folding system, so you can easily take it everywhere.

  • High power motor 500w with 48V
  • LED head and brake light
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Max load 100kg with speed of 35 km/h
  • Certification: CE


  • No warranty is given

8.Glion Dolly- Best Folding Scooter

Glion Dolly electric scooter is a simple, affordable scooter. It’s made for daily use and an ideal scooter for everyone.

Gilon Dolly Electric Scooter

Features and Details:

It’s a practical tool to cut your commuting time and effort. It is too easy to carry, and this master foldable scooter will help to ride anywhere. You can roll it behind you like a suitcase just in seconds.

You can enjoy your ride anytime. It is always ready to give you an amazing trip with its electronic and Anti-lock brakes & amazingly, it gets charged in 3.5 hours.

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter is assuredly durable with premium 36v and 7.8ah lithium-ion battery, which has a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 15 miles per charge.

  • Foldable and light weighted
  • 7.8 Ah Lithium ion battery
  • Speed of 15 mph on hills
  • Fastest charging timing of 3.5 hours
  • Electronic anti-lock brakes


  • Slow on up hills
  • No replacement battery

9. Ice Q5

If you are fond of high speed riding, then you are on the right path, yes, it is designed for those who need power on the high speed, where the regulations and the circuit allow.

ICe Q5 Electric Scooter

Features and Details:

You can enjoy your trips 100*100 as you will not have to worry about the motors. It has two powerful motors of 100w each, which can reach up to 56 km/h, making it the best Electric Scooter in the quality.

The Ice Q5 has two disc brakes. Without neglecting the reliability and manageability. This electric scooter is equipped with the best technology.

With the maximum speed of 50-65 km /h and the quality battery of 52V 18.2 Ah and the autonomy of 25-60 km disc brake, it provides reliability and manageability.

The robust handlebar characteristic will surely give you the necessary security to be able to circulate and enjoy your ride. The handlebar has a double engine (single/dual); you may use it according to your need.

Most importantly, the display will give you the key information about the state of the scooter, for instance, total battery mileage, speed, etc. In a nutshell, it’s a bumper package to use this Electric Scooter.

  • Maximum power 1000w dual motor
  • Speed 50-65 km/h
  • 25-60 km Disc brake reliability
  • Robust adjustable handle bar
  • Latest technologies


  • There isn’t any con

10.KUGOO M4- Electric Scooter with Seat

The additional electronic mechanism provides a smooth ride to the adults on different types of roads. KUGOO M4 can be folded in seconds, allowing you to carry it anywhere.


Features and Details:

500W high power motor gives you a powerful performance with a maximum speed of 43 km / is good to commute and equipped safety measures withal. Your drive will be safe with LED front and taillight. The bright red light will ensure the safety of the pedestrians at night.

The double-disc brake on the front and rear wheels will provide you double shock mitigation, which can help you enjoy a comfortable ride.

It is suitable for many different roads as it has pneumatic and non-slip, 10-inch wheel, robust wear resistance, and safe handle, which can provide you a comfortable ride on hilly areas even as it has the climbing ability of 15 degrees.

Most worthy, the scooter is designed with smart features of detachable seat and the LCD screen, which will give the information about mileage, time, power, voltage, stop, etc via LED display screen.

  • 500W high power motor
  • Max speed 43 km/h
  • Braking and short mitigation system
  • Pneumatic & non-slip 10 inch wheel
  • Led display information
  • 3 speed running mode
  • Detachable sea


  • Instructions are poor
Things to consider before buying an Electric Kick Scooter

Electric scooters are the best way to travel friendly and on a meager cost. While it seems like there are many problems that may occur in the future like the cost, speed, weight, and range of the scooter. So, there are 10 essential things you should consider before buying an Electric Scooter.   

Consider the size 

Before buying an Electric Scooter, we suggest you consider the Scooter’s size, whether it is best for you while riding or not, and its size is suitable for you when folded down. Some things, like bar height and deck size, should be considered.      

Scooter quality

The quality of the Scooter is the most important thing because if you buy it from low-quality manufacturer, your Scooter will be having the plastic feel and the quality of the ride will also be so bad that it would not even cover more than 1 mile.


For skilled riders, you need a powerful electric scooter that has brushless direct current (BLDC). An electric scooter must have one motor, while more powerful ones will have two

Battery timing

Battery timing can also be the problem if you buy the scooter form low cost manufacturer. To cut costs, they use the less effective battery, which results in low battery timing, and you won’t be able to enjoy your ride as it would be. 

Capacity of the Scooter

The capacity of electric scooters based on some important factors for instance, its battery timing, quality of motor, how much weight it can bear, size, speed, and tires.

Driving Speed

Motor power and rider weight are the things that determined the speed of the Scooter. An ideal speed for an Electric Scooter is 15mph; there should be an option to choose speed based on your needs and don’t chase the maximum speed because it will affect the quality of your Scooter. 

Maximum load

The Scooter should be made to support your weight or more; rider weight capacity is an important thing to consider.

Types of tire and brake

We suggest you avoid the wheels that are less than 8 inches diameter as small tires give you rough ride while strong pneumatic and air-filled tires will provide you a comfort ride, and your Scooter should have double Hydraulic brakes so that you can easily switch it. 


The range of the product is the worth factor. Electric scooters should have a different variety which can meet the need and the budget of the customers. Still, mostly the cheaper scooters have cheaper batteries, so consider it before buying.


We suggest you to purchase the Scooter with authentic warranty on all parts of the scooters especially on motor and battery, which would give you peace of mind and your cash, will not go waste. We suggest you to purchase Uk SPEC Electric Scooter covered with warranty.


With the work full of effort and many hours of research process, we became able to share this list of the Best Electric Scooter for climbing hills 2021 to you. It may help you in the right way. Electric scooters offer a way for people to travel quicker; it will provide you with fun at a low cost.

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