3600-Watt Electric Scooter: Is It Possible?

The power that an electric scooter’s motors produce is measured in Watts. The wattage will have a significant influence on the performance of each scooter. Scooters range in wattage vastly, as electric scooters have many different use cases. Typically, a budget scooter will have between 200 and 600 Watts of power. Many performance scooters have motors up to 2000W. So that begs the question: is it possible to have a scooter with 3600W?

The answer is, sort of, but there are a few things to consider. First, most commercially available scooters have two motors (one for each wheel). This means that, in order to create a 3600W scooter, you would need two 1800W motors. The most powerful and fastest scooter that is available today is the Voro Motors Wolf King GT Pro. This scooter has two 2000W motors. This setup brings the top speed of the Wolf King GT Pro to 63 mph, and a range of 74 miles. God. Damn. That is one fast scooter.

How Fast is Too Fast? E-Scooters. I Introduce you to the Kaabo Wolf King… |  by Jeffrey Clos | CodeX | Medium

Now, is it possible to have more wattage in each motor? I’m sure, yes. Should you buy it from Alibaba? Absolutely not. Some listings on Alibaba and other similar wholesale sites claim to have 3600W motors. These are not only incredibly rare but also incredibly dangerous. You want to make absolutely sure that these random scooters are built tough and last a long time. A motor with that power would be almost twice as powerful as the Wolf King GT Pro. This would bring the top speed to over 200 mph. Just kidding, but you believed me. The range would be halved, at best.

The fast electric scooters on the market might break the bank, too. This hobby can quickly become a bottomless pit in terms of how addicting it is to keep buying a fast electric scooter. High performance has to come at a cost.

The other thing to consider is that a crazy high performance scooter would be incredibly difficult to control. Even with an air spring suspension, you can’t guarantee you won’t get flung off by a little pothole. Not only would it be dangerous for the rider but also for anyone else on the road. Imagine trying to stop a behemoth scooter traveling at nearly 100 mph. Probably not going to end well.

The fun of an electric scooter comes with the responsibility of its powerful electric motor. Don’t be an ass. You never want to end up in the hospital. Or, worse, the morgue.

So, in conclusion, yes, it is possible to have a 3600W electric scooter. However, we would not recommend it for anyone other than professional racers or stunt riders. For the rest of us mortals, a 3600W scooter would be overkill and dangerous. We recommend sticking to something a little more tame like the Wolf King GT Pro. It’s still incredibly fast and will satisfy most people’s need for speed. The electric scooter market has enough variety to cater to the most insane thrill seekers, too.

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